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Dear Travel Agents:

You may not have heard of our name before, but that is all about to change!

TAP,  Travel Alliance Partners, LLC, has been in operation since 2001;  serving well over 50,000 passengers per year.  We just have not been very good at publicizing ourselves to the mass tourism market.  We operate over 300 Guaranteed Departures per year.    Previously, we have created our own tours and sold them exclusively through our own network.

We think it is time to spread our secret of success, to you,  the professional travel agent.

Our concept is simple: Create the most unique, niche market tours in the industry, operate them with experts who are from those areas (which are also owners of the company), and offer them to the general public, through travel agents.  We want your clients to be pampered with personalized experience.  It is a winning combination.

Now you have the best of all worlds.  A tour product that gives you a GUARANTEED COMMISSION.  How?  Our tours DO NOT cancel.  Because of our network, and through your support, we offer less dates and have more people selling into them.  We have our own tour operators/owners who keep a very close attention to the detail of the tour to make your clients happy, your stress level lower, and put more money in your pocket.

Plus, you can make more money with our tours then with the decreasing commissions on the cruise lines.!!

Please check out our website that we created JUST FOR YOU.  www.taptravelagents.com lists every guaranteed departure and allows you to insert your agency info for a VERY prompt commission.

Thank you for your interest.  If you have questions, contact our call center at 1-866-373-0790 or contact our Executive Director, Stefanie Gorder at sgorder@travelalliancepartners.com.

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